ProCaps Laboratories Corporate Office
Henderson, NV [2010-2012]

ProCaps Laboratories Corporate OfficeYour Vitamins, Inc. dba ProCaps Laboratories owns two co-joined three-story commercial office/warehouse (production) buildings located in Henderson Nevada.

ProCaps Laboratories Corporate OfficeOne was completed in 2003 and the other in 1998. The buildings consist of office areas for ProCaps and TWC Construction as well as a call center and production area for vitamin manufacturing. The total square footage of the combined project is 170,219 square feet.

Coda Group, formerly Sellen Sustainability worked as the LEED consultant to initiate and provide consulting services with the goal of becoming LEED certified. ProCaps currently has two large photovoltaic systems, one on the roof and the other covering a large amount of parking for both buildings. The current generation produces over 50% of the total energy use of the buildings and ProCaps continues to evaluate this percentage to increase the total onsite production.

ProCaps Laboratories Corporate OfficeDuring the LEED certification process, ProCaps installed a new roof on the half of the building that was built in 1998 to comply with SRI standards for LEED buildings to achieve a high solar reflectance and performed an entire building LED retrofit for better light quality and substantial energy savings. The project was certified LEED for Existing Buildings Gold in August 2012.