LACMTA Gateway Building
Los Angeles, CA [2010-2015]

LACMTA Gateway Building Coda Group, formerly Sellen Sustainability has been working in conjunction with TRC Solutions, Inc. on all sustainability related project with LACMTA for the past 5 years. Our work started with a LEED for Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance assessment of One Gateway Plaza, a 705,000 SF, 27 story office building in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. Once LEED certification was deemed feasible, we worked with the facilities team and TRC as retro-commissioning agent to earn LEED Gold certification and an Energy Star Label for the project in 2011. As LACMTA continues to implement energy efficiency measures and ongoing commissioning, we are targeting LEED Platinum when the building is up for recertification in 2016 and are currently working through the Recertification process. At the Gateway Building, we were able to realize electrical, gas and water savings through the LEED certification process including commissioning and plumbing fixture replacement.

Meanwhile, we have completed LEED EBOM assessments at 19 separate bus and rail maintenance facilities. The purpose of that work was to create a framework for an implementation plan to reach LEED Certification at each of the Divisions with the overall goal of energy and water savings as well as an improved work environment for employees and meet the overall sustainability goals for LACMTA. We have followed up with completing the LEED certification at Division 10 and the implementation phase at Division 30 (MSSC). Division 7 has completed its LEED EBOM Performance Period and will be submitted for USGBC review during the first quarter of 2015.