Slough House- Private Residence
VINING, MN [2011]

The Slough House is an energy efficient, sustainable home designed to be respectful to the site and its natural resources while providing a comfortable environment for its occupants. The building is oriented to take advantage of natural daylighting, passive heating and cooling, and to maximize the views on the property. The south wall and windows are shaded from the high summer sun by the roof overhang and sunshade. Large expanses of west-facing glass are minimized by the building shape and orientation. The floorplan is a long rectangle which maximizes daylighting and heating potential as well as taking advantage of the natural wind patterns for cooling. The garage is semi-detached from the house at the entrance providing a visual separation and positions the garage towards the existing road on property to minimizing additional roadwork.

The building exterior is comprised of materials which complement the surrounding vernaclular architecture and the low profile allows the home to flow with the rolling hills of the Minnesota landscape. The building plan is designed on a two-foot module to simplify construction techniques and minimize waste. The house is a slab-on-grade structure built with a hybrid of Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) and wood framing insulated with closed cell spray-foam insulation. This super-insulated building envelope along with the radiant concrete slab and other sustainable strategies has reduced energy use by 45% compared to other homes in the region.


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Lake and Home Magazine, Aug/Sep 2012