College of Southern Nevada, Charleston Campus- Building G HVAC Remodel
LAS VEGAS, NV [2012-2014]

Located on the Charleston Campus of the College of Southern Nevada, the Building G HVAC Remodel consists of renovating the entire second floor HVAC system to include a return air system. The building, constructed in 2002, was originally designed for all floors to have 100% exhaust air in accordance with laboratory requirements. However, the second floor currently facilitates classroom use only thus eliminating the requirements for anything other than a system which complies with classroom mechanical standards. In order to save money on utility bills the decision was made to retrofit the entire second floor with a return air system.

Coda Group’s responsibilites includes providing a complete and thorough code analysis in order to eliminate the fire resistance requirements of the second floor interior walls, creating an existing building survey of the as-built conditions, and coordinating the new HVAC system with the consulting engineers design and the architectural requirements.